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Co-producer, Engineer & Musician

Working with Ariel changed my life. After two years of hard graft, we finally made the Hard House dance floor stomper - 'A9'. Released on the Essential label, this track was the catalyst for a slew of remixes including 'Sandstorm' by Darude and 'The Launch' by DJ Jean.

Even with no vocals, 'A9' still topped the dance charts in 2000, and got to No. 28 in the UK chart. "A9' was re-released in 2008, and my remix was Judge Jules track of the week.

This is where I really got my dance music chops. Thanks Ariel x



I've always loved blending electronica with acoustic and classical instruments, and that is my intent when writing music for the BBC World Service. My music has been used on some of the World service's flagship programs, such as 'Exchanges on the Frontier', and for general channel branding.


Father & Son

My Father is a violinist and keyboardist who was part of Hawkwind, the seminal psychedelic rock band of the 1970's. I got my first taste of synths when I was very young, and I guess it stuck! The time came in 2011 when we would collaborate and form Psychestra. It is a blend of yearningly psychedelic violin and twisted breaks, with a sprinkling of electronica. Love it!


Releases, Remixes & Collaborations


Selected Releases & Remixes



  • 1998: Marmion - Schöneberg (FFRR)

  • 2000: Josh Wink & Lil' Louis – French Kiss (FFRR)

  • 2000: Angelic - It's My Turn (Serious)

  • 2000: DJ Sandy vs. Housetrap – Overdrive (Positiva)

  • 2000: Darude – Sandstorm (Neo Records)

  • 2000: Storm - Time to Burn (Data Records)

  • 2000: DJ Jean - The Launch (AM PM Records)

  • 2001: Warp Brothers - Phatt Bass" (Nu life)

  • 2001: Nigel Gee - Hootin' Harry (Neo Records)

  • 2001: Joshua Ryan – Pistolwhip (Nu Life)


Selected Releases & Remixes

  • Morphonic EP ‘ Harden Dark’ collaboration with ‘The green nuns” on IO records 2001

  • Morphonic EP ‘Sundae’ released on Catch 22 records 2002

  • Morphonic LP ‘Timeslip’ on Eat Static’s Label, Mesmobeat 2003

  • Morphonic LP ‘Nothing to Lose’ performed live from 1998 to 2002

  • The remix of the Apollo 440 track ‘Dude descending a staircase’ 2004

  • The remix of ‘ Fascinating Rhythm’ by Bhrangra Knights.2004

  • Flashman remix of Tracy B ‘ s ‘I hate love’ on Halo records 2005

  • Breakbeat Remix of ‘A9’ for Tidal Records (2008)

  • Promo music for the BBC World service (2010 - current)


Music Commissions

  • ‘The Look’, a short film scores for FilmFour in partnership with ‘The Divine Comedy’, Summer 2000.

  • ‘Nightswimming’, a feature length film score and title music for U4ME Films, released 1998.

  • ‘Volvo Corporate video’ music and FX commissioned by Anthem, 1998.

  • ‘Vauxhall’ Music and FX commissioned by HHCL Brassiere, 1998.

  • ‘Budweiser, music and FX commissioned by BDNP, 1998.

  • Production of Score for HEBS advert showing in cinemas across the UK, 2002

  • Production of underscore for Heineken Advert (Demo) 2004

  • Production of several Animation and corporate video soundtracks from 1998 to 2005

  • Backing music for the TV game show channel ITV PLay (2007) 





Dance of the Muons


Here is a video to accompany the Psychestra track, 'Dance of the Muons'. Pretty trippy!


Stranger Things

Comprised with Logic Pro X sounds only

In my role as a educator of Music Technology, I have been tasked with recreating professional sounding remakes of well known songs. This remake of the 'Stranger Things' main theme, was a labour of love. At first, I thought it would be a simple task to recreate this track, but I was very badly mistaken. After much effort, I managed to achieve success, bearing in mind that I used only the stock sounds & synths of Logic Pro X.


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